Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is Diabetes Disorder

What is Diabetes Disorder and What To Do About It?
by: Gordan Sabic

The metabolic disorder that does not allow processed food to be converted into energy or growth properly is called diabetes. To maintain our energy levels glucose is moved around the blood stream to the cells and muscles etc. As the main source of fuel for the body, glucose must get to where it is needed but diabetes stops this process from happening. As more and more glucose remains in the bloodstream blood glucose or blood sugar levels can rise too high.

further information should be sought from a medical professional if you have this condition. The first type is called type one and primarily affects young people, usually called juvenile onset diabetes and is where the body completely stops the production of insulin,affected individuals or diabetics must take insulin daily to survive. Insulin helps glucose enter the body's cells, where it can be used for energy or stored for future use. Type two affects adults and is sometimes called late onset diabetes,it results when the body either cannot produce enough insulin or does not use the insulin it makes properly.

Our body needs energy which it obtains from food that it converts into sugar like bread, potatoes, rice and pasta etc. Some serious conditions can result from excess levels of glucose in the blood including blindness, heart and kidney disease and even the removal of limbs. The importance of managing your diabetes condition cannot be underestimated and with a disciplined approached these serious conditions can be improved,then many of the conditions associated with this condition can be slowed down considerably if not stopped altogether. Managing this condition means changing your lifestyle to suit your condition any medication that has been prescribed,giving up smoking, keep you blood glucose and cholesterol levels stable as well as well as other blood fats are just some of the aspects that require special attention.

Stable weight is also a requirement that will help ensure your blood pressure is maintained at a health level. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will have it for life,currently approx 2. Studies suggest that it is not the whole story as experts believe there are as many people again that have the disease that have not yet been diagnosed,it is known that six hundred thousand new cases of will be diagnosed this and every year. The number of Americans who have diabetes and die each year is approximately 320,000 but only 34,000 die as a direct result of having the condition.

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